Jitter.de Books

These books can be ordered online, by clicking on the cover.

About phase locked loops:

"Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Design" by Dan H. Wolaver

I have ordered this book, but not yet received.

I will review it later.

About digital audio:

"Principles of digital audio" by Ken C. Pohlman

The bible of digital audio. Over 600 pages of concentrated expertise. Pohlman treats every aspect of digital audio from the idea to the very detail.

About electronics:

"The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill

Every day, i am happy that i have bought this book and unhappy that i have not bought it years before.

I wonder if i have learned anything at the university, because i need this book almost every day.

More than 1000 pages of insight, extremely straight-forward. Good intro about PLLs.

About perception:

"How to know higher worlds" by Rodolf Steiner

A book about the limits or no-limits of human perception. Has nothing to do with audio or jitter or electronics but is included here, because Steiner shows how to communicate what cannot be explained but experienced.

I remembered this book, when i tried to explain the "sound of jitter".