Dear Charles:

I apologize for wating so long to write and thank you for the advice you gave
me before I purchased your JISCO, and for building such an awesome device. I
have been busy enjoying the marvelous sound that my system is capable of with
the addition of your unit to my DAC. I am using an MSB Gold Link DAC
combined with a Sony 7700 DVD player and a Denon 3300 Receiver -- hardly an
upscale audiophile system. But with your unit, even right out of the box,
the difference was outstanding in the level of sound quality on my seriously
tweaked gear -- like you say the sound with the digital jitter reduced is a
lot more "like analog" if not better. A tighter base and more ear-friendly
highs. The effect with input of various types (std CD, 48kHz DVD, 96 kHz DVD
and also Dolby Digital and DTS) was one of substantially increasing the
"realness" of the sound. The effect was beyond my expectations.

The biggest surprise was when I got to tinkering and decided to try out
powering the unit with a twelve volt battery rather than the supplied
transformer -- which by the way was much better than any other transformer
source that I tried. The effect was simply astonishing !. The quality and
resoIution was awesome. I was able to hear sound coming out of blackness and
able to clearly hear the background tape noise ( by the way, it's a good
thing to be able to hear it) on some of my favorite Chesky CD recordings and
an unbelievable amount of very delicate ambient sound. I could just go on and
on about the incredible level of overtones and presence on excellent
recordings -- but I won't. A good example of a superb recording (and
performance) is Linda Rosenthal's "Oh That Stradivarius", an FIM disc done
with the XRCD2 process featuring Rosenthatl on a Stradivarius and accompanied
with a Steinway that also sounds heavenly. It just sings and musically grabs
your heart with the JISCO in place, and powered by battery 12 VDC.

I have also tried out the JISCO on other equipment and it just plain works,
works, works.

Viel danke for your invention Charles --- I am already thinking about getting
another JISCO with an optical input for my surround sound.

yours truly,

juris verzemnieks
Puyallup, WA USA