From: "Jean-Claude Lissitzky"

Hi Charles,

I have now auditioned the JISCO with various set up
Material was:
Transports: Philips 723, a recent 3D lab integrated CD player (Drive from
Sanyo) and the CEC TL51 transport. Digital cables: Hms Sestetto, Hms il
Primo. DAC: AudioNote DAC1, Interconnect: Hms Duetto, Amplifier: Audiomat
reference CD11, Speaker cables: Hms Capriccio, Speakers: BW N-805 biwired.


- Philips alone: Horrible fuzzy sound
- Philips through DAC: Still very poor sound.
- Philips, Sestetto, JISCO, DAC: Hudge stunning improvement, sound clear at
all frequencies, dynamic, modulated, with wide soundstage.

- CEC TL51, Sestetto, DAC with /without JISCO: very easy to hear that JISCO
brought tonal accuracy and widened the sounstage to a fairly large amount.
More precisely in A/B comparision with indian music, string instruments
resembling a luth or a mandolin which would somehow sound like a plastic
toy without the JISCO, were metamorphosed into real instruments with the
JISCO. Latter with male and female voices and with JISCO, the music
occupied the whole volume of the room. The speakers disappeared completly
as emission sources .

- CEC TL51, il Primo, DAC with /without JISCO: effect of jitter
decorallator more difficult to acertain but still bringing air to the
stage. No extensive hearing in this configuration though. By comparision to
the former situation, the result stresses out the importance of using a
best digital cable in the absence of antijitter devices.

Comparision of the transports with Sestetto and JISCO in line on a musical
program featuring classical music and jazz.
Sonic signature of the transports could still be percieved with philips
sounding somehow hectic and more analytical than the TL 51 which
definitively played the music with a more refined pace. Sanyo drive was in

Conclusions: Hudge upgrade with jittery transport and digital cable
bringing their sonic performance close to that of expensive equipment. More
subtle but still definitive improvement with good transport and cable. Is
not however a substitute for buying a good transport for state of the art
CD playback.

My situation: philips (1/10th the price of TL 51) + Sestetto and JISCO a
very decent sounding set up which will enable be to tune my system home. In
fact having taken rid off the jitter enables me to envision how to optimize
my sound reproduction system with more confidence.

With my best regards and thank you.


Lissitzky Jean-Claude

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