Hi Charles-

Well, you were spot on with your analysis. I got the UPCI to work with my Sony player and all I can say is WOW! I had one of those marathon listening sessions to compare details of select recordings. My all time favorite test cd to use is the MOFI DSOTM. Gilmore's solo on Money is doubled up as you know; now, not only can I hear the separation of the two guitar lines better, but I can clearly hear the slight differences in the same note he's bending for each line and how they harmonically affect each other as one. Gilmore's emotional intent now screams at you in his solo - fantastic!

Other observations : notes hang in the air much longer; it is totally liquid sounding with MORE detail - my Teres turntable now has serious competition. Separation of instruments is vastly improved. AND most important of all, it's hard to sit and analyze the JISCO & UPCI combination - these little boxes will pull you into the emotional aspect of the music before you realize it like good ol' analog does, but with digital playback.

I never thought I'd get to this sound with Redbook, you rock man!