Hi Charles

Many thanks for dispatching the Jisco unit to me so promptly. It arrived
just before Christmas, so I have been enjoying it for some weeks now. I
would just like to say that the Jisco device is simply stunning. I have
never enjoyed CD sound so much. It is by improving the timing that the Jisco
really seems to work; by this improvement in timing the music gains a
fluidity and coherence which I previously thought was only available on a
good quality record player. For the first time CDs are actually worth
listening to! The Jisco is an incredible product, and I recommend it
unreservedly to anyone who is fed up with the typically two-dimensional and
grey sound that most cd players seem to have. If anyone wants to further
improve upon the standard Jisco, then my advice would be to throw away the
mains adapter and use a 12V battery instead. This brings about a further
improvement which lifts the Jisco up to yet another level again.

Please feel free to post any part of my review to your site. The digital
side of my system is Musical fidelity x-ray CD player, Musical fidelity 2A3
24 Dac, a 2A3 based single ended valve amp which I built myself and a pair
of vintage Tannoy dual concentric speakers. For vinyl, I use the Originlive
ultra with RB250 arm.

Best Regards Steve Grimshaw